Smart Intelligent 1S to 4S Lithium Battery Charger

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    Key Features


    1. All 1S to 4S 3.6V/cell ( 3.6V to 14.4V ) Lithium batteries with PCM protective circuit can be charged automatically just in one unit..

    2. For Lithium ion ( Li-Ion ) battery and Lithium polymer ( LiPo ) battery.

    3. For battery of any size and rated capacity.

    4. Can charge all PCM included 1SxP/2SxP/3SxP/4SxP lithium batteries with any parallel connected batteries.

    5. Auto detect cell number inside the battery pack to be charged.

    6. MCU-controlled enrich features and safety controls.

    7. Complete charging termination mechanisms..

    8. 2 LEDs 7 charging status indications.

    9. All operations are automatically.

    10. 3 wires thermal sensing and control function ( Option ).

    11. High charging efficiency at average 85 ~ 99%.

    12. Self diagnosis.

    13. Over-discharged battery detection and rescue.

    14. Compact and lightweight



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