Medical Lithium Ion Battery Charger

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    Key Features

    Medical lithium-ion battery charger. Pollution-free, long cycle life, no memory effect, good consistency, and low self-discharge. Safe and reliable for use with short-circuit production function.

    Dual-Circuit Lithium Battery Charger

    Now people live in many mobile devices of the times, anytime, anywhere need chargers.

    This is a charger designed to charge two batteries at the same time.In accordance with the marked charge objects, including 4.2V and 8.4V two specifications of the battery.

    Central control unit of the core integrated circuit will monitor the status of the battery to give the necessary safety conditions and procedures for charging.

    The charger is CE and EN60601-1-2 certified for medical grade and can be used indoors or in the car in the cold Nordic region.