Battery Pack Charger for 1. 2V-14. 4V (1 to 12 cells) MH / Smart Charger CHA100mD / Ni-CD Rechargeable Battery Charger

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CHA100MD Smart Battery Pack Charger for 1. 2V-14. 4V (1 to 12 cells) MH / Ni-CD Rechargeable Battery

For 1.2V – 14.4V NiMH/NiCD Re-chargeable Battery
For 1 – 12 Cells NiMH/NiCD Re-chargeable Battery

.The charger can accommodate to 1 to 12 cells NiMH or NiCD re-chargeable batteries connected in

serial supported with both of our own hardware structure and written MCU intelligent software.
.The charger can accommodate to charge 1.2V - 14.4V packed NiMH/ NiCD re-chargeable batteries.
.MCU controlled enriched features and precise charging termination mechanisms ensure safety

.Has a thermal sensing and control function (option).
.For NiMH and NiCD re-chargeable battery of any capacity and size.
.Automatically battery cell number and battery voltage detection.
.Self-diagnosis when powered on.
.When batteries to be charged are connected, charger will detect Whole battery voltage immediately

and over-discharged ones will be rescued automatically.
.Compact and lightweight.
.SMT manufacturing ensures quality.

.Controller :Micro Controller Unit (MCU)
.Battery Chemistry : (1) NiMH re-chargeable (2) NiCD re-chargeable
.Battery Rated Voltage :1.2V - 14.4V
.Cell Number : 1 – 12 cells
.Input : DC12V/1.2A Output :(1) 2.1x5.5mm Jack, Male.(2) 3 wires with thermal sensing (OP)
.Output Current : 500-900mA
.Charging Efficiency : 85-99%
.LED indicator : 2 ( Red, Green )
.Termination Method :d0, -dV, Vmax, safety timer, dT/dt (OP) and more
.Physical Size : 95 x 60 x 35 mm
.Weight : 112.2gm (charger only)

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