All-In-One Intelligent Skin Analyzer

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    Design for both Professional and Convenient


    • HD Display:10" & 20"

    Key Features

    This skin analysis machine can upload product information for easy recommendations to customers. This all-in-one intelligent skin analyser can be used to test skin moisture levels and skin conditions.
    • 10" & 20" HD Display
      Supports Android-based Tablet / Phone (4.4~6.0)

    • 50x fixed focus magnification
      See through Epidermis, Observe the Dermis, Enlarge the skin image via scientist technology.
      Analyze the skin, determine the potential skin problem and find the best skin care products.

    • Professional tri-spectrun
      (White light/ Porlarized light / UV light)

    • 6 Major Indexes
      Moisture Analysis / Pigmentation Analysis / Sensitivity Analysis / Skin-Tone Analysis / Sebum Analysis / Acnes Analysis

    • Big Data in the Cloud

      Build-in Cloud-based Skin Detector and Analyzer application (On-line Analyzer / Cloud-based Backup / Customer Management)
      One Account for each individual, Keep your data safely and consistent.
      Review historical records.
      Understand your skin dynamic change status.

    • In-Time Advertising and Merchandise Management System
      Product Recommendation Feature.

    • How to Operate: Step-by-Step

    • Patent Certificate of the Republic of China: Invention No. I566748 (Skin detection device and system)
    • People 's Republic of China State Intellectual Property Office Utility model patent certificate Patent number: ZL 2015 2 0908654.4(Skin detection device and system)

    Payment Details

    • Payment Terms:TT
    • Minimum Order:100 Piece(s)