AC/DC Smart Quick Battery Charger

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    Key Features


    1. 2-Hour quick smart battery charger.        

    2. For using either indoors or in vehicle.          

    3. For AA/AAA size NiMH/NiCD battery.      

    4. Switching mode power supply.                   

    5. MCU-controlled.                                        

    6. Charging 2 or 4 cells per time.                     

    7.Fullcharger2cells2000~ 2400mAH NiMh  battery cells  within 120 ~ 150 minutes.                       

    8. Can charge battery cells of any rated capacity.                                                        

    9. Peak cut-off, timer, and thermal controls.   

    10. Short circuit, overload, reverse polarity and battery short protections.                              

    11. Detect and rescue over-discharged battery.

    12. Has a charging/discharging selection   function.                                                       

    13. Cool-Charging design to prevent overheating of either charger or battery.                           

    14. High charging efficiency average at 85~95%.

    15. 2 LEDs 4 charging status indications.




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