Quick Smart Battery / Cell ChargerPortable Power Bank with USB OutputCell Phone Immobilizer , Jammer, Wave De-ActivatorCreative designed leather WalletWire Collect Roller CR-9852Wire Collect Roller CordBunny Card Storage BagLarge Pendant jewelry braceletTurquoise braceletSilver bracelet
Quick Smart Battery / Cell Charger
Portable Power Bank with USB Output
Cell Phone Immobilizer , Jammer, Wave De-Activator
Creative designed leather Wallet
Wire Collect Roller CR-9852
Wire Collect Roller Cord
Bunny Card Storage Bag
Large Pendant jewelry bracelet
Turquoise bracelet
Silver bracelet

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Smart  Quick Battery Charger  NiMH/NiCD batteries
                                                                         1. All 1 to 12 cells ( 1.2V to 14.4V ) batteries can be charged automatically just in one unit.. 2. For NiMH/NiCD battery. 3. For NiMH/NiCd battery of any size and any rated capacity. 4. Auto detect cell number inside the battery pack to be charged. 5. Switching mode power supply. 6. MCU-controlled enrich features and safety controls. 7. Complete charging termination mechanisms.. 8. 2 LEDs 7 charging status indications. 9. All operations are automatically. 10. 3 wires thermal sensing function ( Option ). 11. High charging efficiency at average 85 ~ 99%. 12. Self diagnosis. 13. Over-discharged battery detection and rescue. 14. Compact and lightweigt. 15. Can charge any specific cell number range of batteries from 1 to 12 cells                                                                  
Portable Power Bank with USB Output
Excellent batterycharger manufacturers that provide the highest quality and long lastservice.1. A portable power supply with power delivery to PDA, pocket PC, MP3, and cellular handset via a USB output cable. 2. Use a 4 AA size cells quick smart battery charger as power source. 3. It can serve as a stand-alone quick battery charger. 4. MCU-controlled. 5. LED charging status indications. 6. Low power alert LED indication. 7. Compact and lightweight. 8. Buy one get two devices.                                                                  
Quick Smart Battery / Cell Charger
Leading batterycharger manufacturers.1. 1 Hour real quick smart battery charger. 2. For AA/AAA size NiMH/NiCD battery. 3. Switching mode power supply. 4. MCU-controlled. 6. Charging 2 or 4 cells per time. 5. Full charge 4 or 2 cells 2000 ~ 2300 mAH NiMH battery cells within 60 ~ 80 minutes. 6. Can charge battery cells of any rated capacity. 7. Provides with fruitful over-charging and over-heating controls. 8. Provides with Short circuit, overload, reverse polarity and battery short protections. 9. Auto detect and rescue over-discharged battery. 10. Has a discharging function. 11. High charging efficiency at average 80 ~ 95%. 12. LED charging status indications. 13. Compact and lightweight.                                                                  

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length of 100~150 cm

For lamps, fans, laptop AC / DC adapter top small appliance cords

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Take-up speed Do not fast to avoid wire clip into the gap between the upper and lower lid


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